Introducing – ThermalPro GREEN Heat Pest Solutions

I’d like to start out by extending a warm welcome and thanking you for visiting ThermalPro Green Heat Pest Solutions.
I do hope you visit and read our blogs regularly. We plan on sharing all kinds of tips and tricks and keep you up to date on how you can combat pests inside and out without the use of chemicals.

Also, we’ll share stories about common pests and mistakes people often make, so you don’t make the same mistakes.
You can count on us to provide you the education you need to make informed decisions when it comes to pest control for the protection of your family and your environment!

Why Green?

I’d like to share our philosophy of what “green” means for us at ThermalPro Green Heat Pest Solutions.
Green pest control isn’t just a trend, it’s a powerful movement. Years of research has exposed the serious problems we have surrounding chemicals.

“Going green” to us means, pursing knowledge and best practices that can lead to a more environmentally friendly and responsible lifestyle. This helps us protect our environment and our natural resources for current and future generations.
We care about our clients and because of the toxic environments we live in, both inside and out of our homes, we work hard to protect you against any further destruction.

Green living is a lifestyle for us, and as a green business, our bottom line is to provide minimal negative impact on our local communities and environments.

Problems with Chemicals

For close to five decades, the dominant pest control strategy has been the use of toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, this has created severe safety problems for us humans, violates our environments and is not sustainable.

The interior of our homes, already contain high levels of toxic buildup. The continued and added use of chemicals in our environments can and do cause serious implications for those with suppressed immune systems, pets and especially children and seniors.
And aside from the impact on people’s homes and health, resistance issues are escalating and they are just not working like they used to.

Industry Shift

While many people are still unaware of the published evidence behind pesticides toxicity, with this knowledge, it stands to reason that continuing to promote these chemicals, is against facts of their destruction to our health and environment.

The pursuit for safe and effective strategies has always been targeted towards developing better chemical products to replace conventional toxic pesticides. While today, there is an enormous therapeutic shift occurring in the pest control industry.

Green sustainable practices are our future for pest elimination. This pivotal redirection of strategies, protects both families and environments.

We Make a Difference!

We are proud to say that we are Founding Members of the International Bed Bug Resource Authority. Working closely with the IBBRA and their Institute for Responsible Bed Bug Control, gives us the edge to keep up with industry insights and keeps us on the cutting edge of the safest and most efficacious treatment methods for bed bugs.

Over twenty years of industry experience has changed me forever. So, I will continue to work in harmony with nature’s checks and balances and enjoy these strategies, while greatly benefiting our customers and our environment.

If you’re ready to make the change, gives us a call! 612-203-2941